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在荷兰和美国留学和工作8年时间,取得过荷兰埃文斯大学国际象棋冠军。先后师从被已故的最著名催眠大师Milton Erickson誉为世界第一催眠师的Richard Bandler,和拉斯维加斯传奇催眠师Don Specer等人,取得国际认证的催眠治疗师资格。2010年成为IHG国际催眠师协会大众化区主席。 在美国奥兰多取得国际NLP培训师资格,成为中国年轻的NLP培训师。 2010年在著名的拉斯维加斯威尼斯酒店赌场表演催眠, 在美国多次街头催眠,2010年4,5月份完成环欧洲催眠之旅。



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第二站-比利时布鲁塞尔-4月20日 - 催眠大师庭亿 - 催眠大师庭亿的博客


早上6电半起床,还在卢森堡,很快吃过早饭,我开始计划见这个青年旅馆的主席,因为这个青年旅馆时2009年度世界最佳城市千年旅馆。然而因为主席没能在8点半到办公室,我的车9:00就开了, 所以我只给他留了个message然后就不得不离开了。


卢森堡早上的气氛一片宁静祥,在你准备从分享受它每一个角落的精致细腻时,你会发现时间早已匆匆而去,留下的只能是我从著名的casement du bock墙角取下的一些泥土留作纪念。


12点半汽车到了布鲁塞尔北站,下车之后我碰到了一个来自阿富汗,他在伦敦和意大利西西里分别住了5年和2年。因为航班的取消(该死的火山爆发),他必须做足一夜的汽车从意大利前往阿姆斯特丹。他做了一夜车,看上去很疲劳,我于是对他说,“你看起来糟透了,想不想感觉好点?” 他点了点头表示同意,我于是给他做了一个快的惊吓导入。 他的英语还不太好,所以开始时他是有些惊讶然后不知所措,但眼睛还睁着。过了几次我让他闭上了眼睛,并且然他醒过来后能在接下来的旅途中充满能量。



第二站-比利时布鲁塞尔-4月20日 - 催眠大师庭亿 - 催眠大师庭亿的博客


第二站-比利时布鲁塞尔-4月20日 - 催眠大师庭亿 - 催眠大师庭亿的博客


第二站-比利时布鲁塞尔-4月20日 - 催眠大师庭亿 - 催眠大师庭亿的博客


Brussels-the center of Europe

Got up at 6:15 this morning, still in Luxemburg I quickly had my breakfast (standard western breakfast with bread and toast, ham and milk. I was planning to meet the Chairman of this famous city hostel, which is the best city hostel in the world in 2009, but the boss did not show up in time and I had a bus at 9:00 to catch, so I wrote him a message and told him I would call him to do the interview sometime later.


The morning atmosphere in Luxembourg City was peaceful and relaxed, like the waking up of the sleeping beauty. Before you had time to fully enjoy the exquisite of every corner of it, the time was already slipping away, and all I did was to take some soil and sand from the famous casement du bock for my memory.


12:30 I arrived at Brussels North station. After getting off the bus, I met an Afghanistan man who lived the past 7 years in Europe (5 years in England and 2 in Cecily, Italy).  He took an overnight bus from Italy to Amsterdam because of the delay of the flight due to the Iceland volcano eruption. He looked tire, and I said “man, you look like shit, would you like to feel better?” he said “yes”, so I gave him a quick shock induction. He did not speak very good English still, and he was shocked and confused but keeps his eyes open. Then after a few times, I put him into a trance and brought him back with energy and readiness for his tour in Amsterdam.

I took a train and arrived in Brussels Center around 13:30. After putting my luggage to the locker, I started my trip around Brussels. I had been here for a few times and knew the city center pretty well. It did not take me too long to find the big square the City Hall.


700 years ago, here it was the center of Europe. Before you realized that history has changed most of the things around, here in Brussels, it is still the center of Europe, being the second biggest political center in the world. The moment you were breathing the air in the city, seeing the different styles of buildings, ancient or modern, you would start feeling its history and you would start feeling its history and tolerance. Before you would enjoy the grace of the French speaking part of Belgium, the mild politeness of people and the relaxed atmosphere mixed with the scent of chocolate and waffles would already start to  get you drank and you might already start feeling the different sensations in your body.


The most famous restaurant on the square is the “La Maison du Cygne”. Karl Max and Engels lived and worked here and wrote the famous “Communist Manifesto”. The chamber that Karl Max lived was in the left corner of the restaurant and when I arrived, there were two people having dinner in that corner so I just took one picture of it. I met one of the managers of the restaurant, Mr. Yves Jadot who had been working there for the past 24 years every since when he was 22 years old. He showed me the restaurant of all three floors including the private restaurant on the 3rd floor. He showed me the kitchen of the restaurant as well. I had an interview with him on the success of this restaurant and asked him to give advice to young professionals who desire to be a successful manager.


Afterwards, before feeling hungry, I already wandered around and find the famous Belgium chocolate shops and waffle shops. I managed to get a big waffle and taste some chocolate for free, which was a good thing because my bus leaves at 6pm and I don’t even have time to have dinner. Rule Number one in persuasion, always think retroprocity。


Later I went to one of the best pubs in the city A la Mort Subite just in a small street facing the Sint Michiel Cathedral. The four generations of the vossen family managed the pub to be one of the oldest pubs in Brussels. Even today it kept its original appearance of when it first opened its door in mid 18th. The pictures on the wall was telling you the delicious history the stories in this pub. I gave an interview to, the current owner of this pub, Mr.Berbard. He didn’t speak very much English. But I could tell from the softness of his voice, the repeated mentioned “quality, good food, and good staff” that he was a very down to earth person and take care of the fundamentals.


At 16:00, I started heading back to Brussels Noord, ready for me to take my next trip to Geneva.

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